Chase's Pedigree

[Colored Dots]

Best in Show, Select, Champion Sunset's Orion After Dark


s.r. Best In Specialty Show Can. Champion Klaar Perfect Grys Geest

Am. Can. Champion Perfect of the Two (Belg), Am. CD, C-BAR, HIC (Perf)

Belg Champion Jonathon of the Two (Belg)

Milady of the Two (Belg)

Ombre de la Quievre, C-BAR

R.E. Dandy du Chemin des Dames (G)

R.E. Gitane de la Quievre

Select, Champion Bilgay Winter Sky at Sunset (Lyra)

Champion Tacara's Camarade Chivas, CD, HIC, TT (Chivas)

CH Tacara's Czarka de Epris (Czarka)

Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, Champion Fox Hollows Lotholorian, UD, TT, BAR, HIC (Lester)

Select, Champion Bilgay's Lady Fergie of Siedah, CDX (Fergie)

Champion, Herding Trial Champion Glen Oaks Eclair for Maplewood, CD

Champion Bilgay's Dark Mystery, CD, C-BAR (Mystery)

Select, Champion MonAmi Allie Oops


Select, Champion Cavaliers Perfect Partner, CDX, HIC

Select Champion Hi Times Quirk of Pinkcliffs

Best In Show Champion Bonheur's D'Artagnan, UDT

Champion Tasha le Belle

Champion Cavaliers Karisma, CD

Am. Can. Champion Yamin Van't Hof Melyn (Belg) (Konig)

Champion Cavaliers Deja Vu, CD

Champion After Shock MonAmi Leto, CD (Leto)

Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, Champion Snowflower Viola Sharvonne, CD, TD (Chans)

Best In Show, Champion Labelles A Liberte (Grizz)

Champion Snowflower Chavron, CD

Champion Tri Sorts Nike de Loup Noir, CD (Nike)

Champion Sandyhills Aujordhui

Champion Sandyhills Odile de Loup Noir

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