Delilah's Pedigree

[Colored Dots]

Best in Specialty Show, Champion Maka Sabacc


Best in Specialty Show, Champion Maka Jaba the Hutt, ROM (Hutt)

Chews Mighty Melvin

Sugar Bear


K K's Maka Uli (Uli)

Bonsai Oink R

Hoochi E Cooche E Coo

Champion Lava's KU Jazzs Music

Best in Specialty Show, Champion Lava's Bos Mo-Jo Man (Bosley)

Teabaggy Kokomo-Jo

Gau-Shing Li Li

Srnatural's Fortune Cookie

Champion Lava's Yogi Yami Natural

Lava's The Natural

Champion Maka Amadala


Bahwindsor Roll of the Dice

Champion Shenanigans Storm Surge

Champion Shengli Whaa Hoo Red

Champion Paradox's Leaps'n Bounds

Champion Bahwindsor Wudn't Itbe Luvly

Champion Alpha Rated R Nanton

Meiting My Fair Lady Windsor

El Jay's Maka Honey Brew (Honey)

Champion Margem's Saporo Draft

Margem's Tsing Tao

Tidewater's Magnolia Blossom

Wrinkled Gold Ms Muffit Tujs

Tuj's Rusty Man Of Lyn-Bar

Suga Luv's Desert Dahli

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