This page is a tribute to my best friends who have gone on to play at
the Rainbow Bridge.

God Bless and Play Nice...


Showcase Citizen Kane-Nine
January 17, 1996 - September 13, 2008

William was from my first Tervuren litter. While he hated the show ring, he never missed an opportunity to show off. He guarded the yard with a great show of bravado by charging the fence or gate, if not sufficiently scared, he'd bounce on the fence. He is greatly missed by his ladies in waiting, Sirene' and Delilah.


Daradan's Kiss-N-Tail D'Mar
January 5, 1993 - August 3, 2005

Moxie was my first Tervuren, the product of an exhausting two year search. She was consumate show dog, absolutely loved to be "on-stage" and took conformation showing was very seriously, never relying on the handler to his/her job. She never finished her championship, shy one major that we chased for 3 years. She whelped 11 puppies for my first Tervuren litter and those kids are senior citizens now. For many years, Moxie ruled the house with a velvet glove, never allowing anyone (dog, horse or human) to stray to far out of line. At 12 years, Moxie dislocated her hip while attempting to catch and kill a cat who had wandering into my yard at 3 am. A mere 6 months later, she was loosing her battle with a very aggressive carcinoma and I held her as she crossed the bridge. She is missed terribly by me and her bestest buddy, Chase.


Daradan's Bad-Boy Braxton D'Mar
September 5, 1992 - September 22, 2001

Braxton was my dare-devil dog. He managed to hurt himself over and over again, broken toes, broken teeth, missing ear pieces, etc. His favorite thing to do was to grab my horse, Amber's tail and hang on. She'd run all over, snapping her tail as he swung underneath her body then back out above her back. For several months, Braxton has been mourning the loss of his best friend, Copper. On Sept. 22nd, he joined her at the Rainbow Bridge. Now, they can play together for eternity.


Braxton and Copper

Copper pass over the bridge in July, 2001 at age 14. Copper was an Australian Shepherd and Queensland Heeler mix. Despite the fact that she was spayed at a year and never whelped a litter, she mothered everything and everybody. She warmed and cleaned many orphaned kittens and puppies, as well as kept my nieces safe and warm many nights. About 5 years ago, at my niece's request, Copper went to live with my sister's family. She recently came back to live with me, much to the delight of her most ardent admirer, Braxton. Copper joined Raleigh, waiting for me to come toss the ball for them.



Raleigh was truly my best friend. He saw me thru many trials and tribulations. A product of a German Shorthaired Pointer female and a sneaky traveling salesman (probably a Laborador Retriever). I helped whelp his litter and chose him at birth. He loved to go to the dogs shows and guard the motorhome. He felt it was his personal duty to keep us safe from anyone who happened to passby. The picture above was taken at a dog show at feeding time.

At about 3 years of age, Raleigh began to have Gran Mal seizures. Within 6 months, he was on Phenobarbytal and having cluster Gran Mal's every few weeks. We spent many nights in the emergency clinic until we got the dosage correct. Once corrected, his seizure were infrequent and typically at least two or three months apart. Unfortunately, in January, 1996, I came home from work to him cluster seizuring, with the seizures about 40 seconds apart. He died on the way to the vet's office, he was about 6 years old. For those who have dealt with seizures, you know what a nightmare it can be and what life is like living with a ticking bomb. Its comforting to know that Raleigh is now seizure-free and waiting for me to come throw the ball for him.

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