Name Game

In Belgium, as well as other European countries, it is customary to name litters in alphabetical order. Typically, the letter is used for the entire year, for all litters born. For example, all litters must start with the letter "T", so in my case, the AKC registered name would start Showcase T~~~~ (Showcase being my kennel name). Here in America, we've adapted the same custom except we change letters for each litter, rather than by year. Some breeders have chosen to use "Themes" instead of or inconjunction with a letter. Below are some name suggestions divided by letter, and there's a theme page as well. Words in parathesis are the meaning of the word before it and words in quotes are possible call names.

If you've got a good name or names or even a good theme to add, email your suggestions to me and I'll add them.


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